Echoing of epic meows

Elena & Briseide, sung by Orfeo

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I haven’t finished a pic in ages…it feels good to be finally able to post something again!!

This is a drawing I had promised to my dear chrysanthemia, who asked for human versions of her adorable kitties, of which I am a proud aunt ♥
From left to right: Orfeo, the active one, Briseide, the chubby one, and Elena, the sleepy one!

If you want to see more of them, visit the tumblr with their photos, Feline Iliad

my kittieeeeeess <3333333333333 just perfect!!!

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yesterday a parrot ended up on my balcony and kitties were so excited!! luckily he flew away after a while.

Ah yes, this is the view from my new house. I’m back in Rome <3

FFFFFFFFFUUUU posted on wrong blog

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